TOUR 1: Shantou, Meizhou, Kaiping, Shenzhen, Macau .. TOUR 2: Vietnam (HCM n Hanoi)

I'm going to the places in China end of the month.
Was told these places very "monotonous" mood.

On top of that, was told the destination in China very gloomy. Just wondering, is DSLR really needed? If not, I will just bring a compact cam.
Was told that not really a scenic place. Can bros who been to those places please advice?

As for Shenzhen, I will be going to ShangXiaJiu shopping district.
Are there any places which sells camera equipment?


Just asking...

As for Vietnam, I'm going in mid-Dec. I was told most buildings are some how quite run down.
Developments not as well maintained as compared to what we see in S'pore.

Any filters which can improve the intensity of the colours (other than CPL filters)?

Did a search, on the web. Saying GND may help a little to achieve blue skies or sunset colours.
Any advice on this?

Thanks. :D

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