tortoise and other stuff

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Apr 27, 2004
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interesting experiments with frames ...

but i think the subjects do not arouse much attention though ...

#1 the grass poking out from the lower right corner does not contribute ... if say the grass occurs along the entire length of the lower third it may be interesting ... you may want to just have the water and the stones (edited: and tortoise ... gasp, so small, just noticed!), go nearer in ... can play with low exposure as well to just bring out the stones and let the water go underexposed, since can see it's a bright day

#2 looks like a bookmark already, again the waterfront does not create interest (too common a sight?) maybe can focus on just a few subjects, like maybe just a big rock instead of so many stones strewn all over ... the water looks pleasing but slightly over for my taste (actually i prefer slightly underexposed pictures, this is very personal, don't have to consider ;p )

#3 the frame in a frame looks interesting but upon inspection of the smallest frame there is just the long road (intended?) the smallest frame is really ... too small in proportion to the picture, being the only subject in focus it can be displeasing ... unless you have an interesting subject that stands out and fill a big portion of the smallest frame

once again i think these are good experiments :thumbsup:

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