TOO MANY storage boxes from various mediums...

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Jul 26, 2003
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Dear Folks,
If I am not mistaken, I think I have seen someone posting regarding about giving away his/her slides boxes, film canisters and such. Therefore, I am somewhat posting a similiar post today.

Mods, please let me know if this is not allowed. Thanks! :)

I just realized I have TOO many of these items. And now, I dunno how to deal with them because throwing them down the chute seems like a waste.

I have....

1. Between 20 - 40 slides boxes (those red/green boxes that comes with every roll of mounted slides).

2. 2 unused albums (4R, hardcover) from RGB Color.

3. 2 CD pouches (One yellow pouch; can contain 20 CDs. One translucent pouch that I got from Republic Polytechnic during their first open house; can contain 12 CDs).

4. Between 20 - 30 CD plastic covers; roughly 10+ of them are colored, meant for containing singles and has some word written near the spine of the casing.

5. 3 16mm motion picture 400ft film cans.

I am giving all these for free but the catch is, you have to collect it from my place at my void-deck. So sorry - I would love to meet you at a more convenient location and pass you the stuff but reason being one, I'm leaving for KL/Genting tomorrow and two, I start school on Tuesday so my schedule is really on the tight side...

Please either reply through this thread or email me at if you want me to keep some of these items for you.

Thank you!

{Michelle} :D

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