[Tomato Photo] Photography Business 101 - The Fundamental - 17 Feb 2011

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Dec 31, 2004
Have you ever wondering how to make a decent living from Photography?

Have you ever wonder why some particular photographer become so successful running their business?

Have you wonder why many (i mean many many) think, it is a struggle to SURVIVE in this competitive market?

Have you wonder how to enjoy your photography while getting paid for your work?

How to start it all? and most importantly... How to start it RIGHT?

Background information:

Arrive in Singapore in Dec 2007... started Tomato Photo (www.tomato.sg) in March 2008 and specialises in Children Photography.

I was an average student who graduated Civil Engineering and believe life is better following my passion and quit my decent Engineering job to pursue the dream 6 years ago.

Singapore is a new country for me and without contact and without knowing anyone else in the industry when I started and was told by many that specialisation especially in Children photography in Singapore is not going to work.

Basically, with little money for Marketing and little money for equipment, I manage to grow the business to $100k in first year and over $350k on year 3.

The aim of this course is to demystifying the "Professional Photography" and to help passionate and talented photographer in their business to achieve enjoyable for their work and most importantly getting paid for it.

Why should you attend a business course.... especially this one?
A knowledge in photography is important, however, if one is to depend on photography for a living, it will be quite daunting to know nothing about how to market your service.

We have heard many people think it is difficult to survive in competitive photography market... but the question remain...

How one who know nothing about this country, know no one in the industry and specialises in something thought by many, impossible trade achieve a level of income perhaps more than 90% won't even heard of for the first year. What is the SECRET?

These courses are the secrets behind my success...

It become very enjoyable process as well as profitable one once you know it....

If you can learn it from someone's else mistake, why learn it the hard way by wasting your time and money???

Of course, these courses are no magic, it is perhaps fundamental course to prepare you to get started right and follow the path to grow your business.

Course 1:​

Going Professional... - The fundamental​

This course is design to help those people who is starting photography as income generation activity to start right and understand what is the professional photography is all about.

Some of the topics:
- Equipment discussion - Camera, Computer, supporting equipment... what is needed
- Legality of the business - How to set it all up?
- Business 101 - Business fundamental in layman term to help you understand the process

Course Date:
Sat 27 Nov - 7-10pm
Cost: $200 / person
Max attendee: 10

Full payment is require for booking the course. Please PM me your email address and contact number and details will be forwarded to you.

For those who attended both Course 1 & Course 2, will be invited to spend 1 day tagging me on what I do on daily basis...


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