Tokyo to Osaka

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Sep 17, 2005
Yes. You can take the train at both Tokyo and Shinagawa stations.

Mar 18, 2011
Do i need to book a ticket from osaka to tokyo? or can i buy it on the day itself and still have availability. I'll be travelling on a Sunday. Thanks.


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Nov 15, 2011
Why not do you own research? After all, it's YOUR holiday.


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Dec 29, 2008
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Train travel in Japan is very expensive.

If you arrive at Narita > Tokyo > Osaka. The one way ticket will be in region of Y16,000; return will be X2
If you are in Japan for 7 days, get the 7 day JR pass price at Y23,800. It allows you to travel on all JR trains, JR ships and JR bus in that 7 days except for the Nozomi (JR pass not valid). However you can take the Hikari and Kodoma Shinkansen. You should see the savings from my post.

The JR pass can be bought ONLY outside Japan, and when you arr in Japan convert the voucher to the JR pass at the airport. Get the pass from local agent such as that at Hong Leong Building.

Train schedule can be checked at this website:

Japanese Train Route Finder By Jorudan Co.,Ltd.

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Mar 11, 2002
Tokyo and Osaka are both HUGE sprawling cities ..... exactly which part of Tokyo are you departing from and which part of Osaka do you intend to arrive at?

And how much time do you have for the trip between the 2 cities?

Both cities have different stations in different areas where you can board and disembark

Choose the wrong departing and arriving stations and it could be extra time and money to get to your end point

here.... use this link below from Hyperdia .... NOTHING else comes close in terms of directions, info and ticket prices
Make sure to fill in the date and time of day of your intended travel
AND get your station name correct
Hyperdia |

u can download the Tokyo train map here .... it is COMPLETE but also like a blardy spider web

Osaka train map here...

- Dont worry about NO trains .... Tokyo-Osaka bullet trains run all day long between the 2 cities ... some with fewer stops in between... some with more, thats all

- if you are travelling 2 way and might have other train/subway rides then cheaper to just go to JTB office at Hong Leong building to buy JR pass

- If its just ONE ride... just go to the chosen station and purchase ticket

- Prices are different for allocated seats carriages and for free-seating carriages

- MUST buy a nice Japanese beer or sake AND Bento lunch or dinner box inside the station before boarding the Shinkansen only 600 to 1500 yen each ... very beautifully packaged and very yummy

- If you are looking to get to Osaka immediately from Narita Airport upon touch-down .... THEN buy an internal domestic flight to Osaka (might be even cheaper , faster and less confusing than Shinkansen)

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Feb 25, 2003
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If you are flying to Japan via ANA/JAL, sometimes they have package promotion for domestic flights between major cities.

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