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Red Dawn

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Jan 17, 2002
Hi all

I would like to invite you guys to the launch of my first solo exhibition, Tokyo Dreaming on the 21st of Dec, 7pm at City College (2 Bukit Merah Central, #20-00 S159835 - it's the building formerly known as Spring Singapore).

Exhibition will run from 21st Dec 2012 to 11th Jan 2013, Mon to Fri, 930am to 7pm, excluding public holidays.

Opening Night Highlights
OPENING SPEECH by David Teo | 7pm @ The Lounge
FOLK MUSIC by Dawn Fung | 8pm-815pm @ The Back Room
TOKYO DREAMING (Q&A) by David Teo | 830pm-845pm @ The Lounge

Prints are available for sale and proceeds from the exhibition go to the City College* bursary fund.

* City College is a private school in Singapore offering private GCE 'O' Level education, English courses as well as diploma courses, one of which is the first diploma in professional photography in Singapore. They are also the kind venue sponsor for this exhibition.

Do drop me a PM if you are coming - it would be great to meet up fellow CSers! Thanks!!! :)

Exhibition page is at Tokyo Dreaming – The Exhibition | David Teo Boon Hwee

Here's the writeup for the event:

"The first time I visited Tokyo, I felt like I was walking through a dream. Ephemeral humanity surged past me – each dark figure impassive, scurrying, hurtling towards an unknown destination amidst an oddly placed silence. When I turned a corner, I met groups of school girls in uniforms interwoven among fashionistas, chattering. Their words lifted me because previously I didn’t hear any, and though I don’t understand, the effect is comforting.

This surreal mix of human silence and chatter found a delicate balance in my heart. I felt liberated because somehow, it made sense. Throughout my journey, I reveled in every fleeting, dreamlike, whimsical scene that presented itself to me on the streets. For example, I found tranquility interstitially waiting for me in the gardens. In a country which has seen much tragedy and violence, I found peace and healing in Tokyo dreaming."

May 5, 2005
But it's the end of the world!!!! ;p

Congrats btw :) I'll try my best to go catch the exhibition. Thanks for sharing.


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Dec 16, 2010
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If the world doesn't end and I survive the office Christmas dinner, I will see you there! :bsmilie:

Red Dawn

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Jan 17, 2002
Hi all,

Thanks for your support last night. The exhibition opening went very well! It was great meeting some of you there for the very first time. Sorry for not being able to chat longer with you! Hope you guys enjoyed yourselves and the sharing session....

It was great to be in the company of fellow photographers and just talk about photography, even if yesterday was supposed to be the end of the world - we know where our priorities are! haha.....

It was also an honor to have one of my mentor and teacher photojournalist Mathias Heng (Mathias Heng) there as well - I hope those of you who got to chat with him will be as inspired as I am in going out to do your own projects :)

The exhibition will still run Mondays to Fri 930am to 7pm (except public holidays) all the way till January 11th and I will be there so if you missed it or simply want to drop by for a chit-chat (and enjoy the coffee machine there :p) just drop by for a chat!

Once again, thanks everyone for your support! :)

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