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well if the critique is from a person whose sensibilities are just not there, it's like taking culinary advice from a person who cannot taste.
not all can critique even though you might argue about that freedom on a public forum.

if your comment was a 'i like it' or a 'i dont like it', it's ok cuz that's personal preference, not a critique, and you're entitled to that.
but you speak like one who know it all even though your pictures just proved that your sensibilities are crippled, not being able to distinguish good from bad.

dude you're young and you'll profit if you spend more time learning yourself than to start hurling half cooked 'critiques'.
This is not another 'lets flame everyone thread', but merely my defence to Clown, as I did not have a chance to reply in the thread as it was closed and enough OT had taken place.

To keep this clean, can only clown reply to this thread. Thank You.

Ok, where to start. Firstly, I dont see the need for you to jump in and defend joho whilst insulting me if your not even going to comment on the photos. I do believe this is called 'trolling' or something like that here, which I think is against the guidelines or terms and conditions, so im hoping you have been given an infraction, otherwise this site imposes double standards.

Taking your example, asking someone who cannot taste culinary advice is indeed a bad idea. However, are you trying to imply that I have no taste whatsoever in photographs? Because I would have to take that as a rather large insult, especially from someone who doesnt even know me, and hasnt even made a single comment about one of my photos.

I would also like to add, I definitely do not 'know it all' and never claim to. My 'critique' was simply a note of what I didnt like with the picture, which in my opinion, is miles better than the rubbish 'nice lah' or 'fantastic shot bro!' which helps no one out (unless it really is perfect)

Now, please tell me why my 'sensibilities are crippled'??? I have every ability to distinguish good from bad, nowhere did I say that the shot was bad. It was a great shot compared to some of the trash thats strewn around on here. I merely said, it could be better. Please do not misinterpret what I have written.

Yes, I am young, and I have taken every oppertunity that I have been given to learn more in this field, even taken years away from university in order to pursue my passion and gain more experience full time. If you want me to start hurling half cooked critiques like half the people on here, then fine, so be it, the portraits section will once again be the most useless place for advice, but at the moment, my critiques are spot on in my opinion and this is backed up by the fact that even joho (sorry to bring you up) invited me to comment on his next shots freely and openly. That has to count for something now doesnt it.

Jason Ho

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Jan 17, 2002
Take those personal fights offline. Theres a good reason why I closed thread. Theres no need to involve the mass for whatever happening between both of you.

Thread closed.

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