TLR Gathering 20th April anyone

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Hi people who love medium format or TLR , can we meet at Chinatown/Boat Quay 2pm for chatting and kick off a mini outing. Have not done so for many many years. All other timing and suggestions welcomed.

Invitation to:

SF_Kang, Spectrum, Eamesboy, Verticoastro, zhapchit, Clubgrit, Tom yam soup, Noelleong and all who are TLR lovers.

Later lets do some picture taking in Boat Quay area. Light wil be nice around 5pm and not so hot.

Come night can do some night shots/time exposure.

Come a few days later can post our shootings.

Shall We??

Rolleiflex, Rolleicord, Yashicamat, Seagull, Lubitel, all welcomed!!

I intend to shoot using using my Yashica 124 (with Fuji Velvia) , Seagull (Fuji B&W) and the Rolleiflex (Fuji Reala) . All three with different film. It will be fun.

Link to see the TLRs photos

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