tips on travelling to rome/paris/london?

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Sep 7, 2007
Hi there,

i'd be heading to europe come july for a family hol, and i was wondering if anyone could provide practical tips when travelling to these places :)

with regards to

- places that are worth visiting, and perhaps even some of the "look-out" points that can get u a nice view of the city

- safety while travelling, as i'd be travelling to rome & paris with just my mum, safe to travel at night,etc

- gears what i shd bring along:
have with me a d80 with grip, tokina 12-24, nikon 28-70, 70-300, af macro 60, and 055clb tripod,
was thinking of bringing with me 12-24, and 28-70, and my tripod, but that would weigh me down quite abit

Appreciate all the advice and help =)


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