LR Tips Tip - Some Little Known Lightroom Shortcuts

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Sep 27, 2006
Happy Friday. Everyone loves shortcuts right? So here's a few little known Lightroom keyboard shortcuts to keep you going for a while.

Mac on left / PC on right
•*Go to Full Screen Mode and hide all panels at the same time: Cmd-Shift-F / Ctrl-Shift-F
•*Go straight to Camera Calibration panel (useful for camera profiles): Cmd-7 / Ctrl-7
•*Go straight to vignettes: Cmd-6 / Ctrl-6
•*Export Photos using Previous Settings: Cmd-Option-Shift-E / Ctrl-Alt-Shift-E
•*Apply Auto White Balance: Cmd-Shift-U / Ctrl-Shift-U
•*Go straight to Find by text in the Library Mode: Cmd-F / Ctrl-F

Also, if you have your own shortcut (and I mean a killer shortcut that you've never seen before and its not in the menus) then please feel free to post it here in the comments. Thanks and Happy shortcutting!

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