LR Tips Tip – A Bunch of Crop Tool Tips


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Sep 27, 2006
It’s Friday and I’m heading up north to shoot my sister-in-law’s wedding. Wish me luck
Anyway, I figured I’d close out the week with a few crop tool tips.

•*Press R to get to the Crop Tool. It works even if you’re in the Library module.
•*Once you’re in Crop mode press the letter O (for Overlay) to change the overlays that you see on your photo. They’ll toggle between the rule of thirds, a grid, and several other overlays that you’ll never use

•*Press A to toggle between constraining/not constraining to the aspect ratio
•*Press Cmd-Shift-R (PC: Ctrl-Shift-R) to reset your crop all together.
•*If you’ve changed the Aspect Ratio on a previous photo then press the letter S to set that same aspect ratio for the next photo.
•*And finally, a really cool way to crop is to go into Crop mode. Then press the letter L twice to go into Lights Out mode. Now you have your photo in crop mode with none of the clutter of the interface. Press L again to get out of Lights Out mode.

Happy cropping and have a great weekend.


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