Time of Caring and Sharing

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Jul 21, 2005
Jurong East

Just wanted to let you guys know that the BB Sharity Gift Box is here again this year, and we can all help do our part in fulfilling the many wishes (7,700 this year!) made by young children, low income families and elderly folks.

I'm a BB boy, and I'll be helping out for the 3rd time this year. I have to say that it is very meaningful and allows me to see, and more importantly reach out to the less fortunate in Singapore. I remember 2 years ago, on the way up the flats in Toa Payoh to deliver the food products to the elderly people, many others came out of their flat to ask if they had a share of the goodies we were bringing. Unfortunately, most of them are unaware that they have to sort of register in order to apply for such provisions, so they did not receive a share. There are other examples to cite, but in short, it really opened up my eyes to the 'other' side of Singapore most of us haven't seen yet.

So what can you guys do? Simply buy daily provisions (rice, oil, biscuits, etc) and drop them off at collection booths located all over the island. Go over here to find out what to buy and the locations of the booths: http://www.bbsgb.org.sg/downloads/bbsgb.pps

Some of you might be thinking, "Wah lau eh, so troublesome" or maybe "I'm saving up for so-and-so lens/camera!". You may be, but at the same time people are also struggling to survive. So what's a few packets of rice or biscuits? At the most you'll have to wait for awhile more to get that filter you want or that tripod, but you'll do so knowing that you've done your part in helping the less fortunate.

So, yup. That's about it. Hopefully I'll see you guys tomorrow. :D

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