Tilted Buildings/Horizon

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last time i recalled someone wrote a tutorial/tips on how to adjust tilted buildings or horizon easily in photoshop.where u can set the edge u wantt o be vertical and ps automatically rotates the image.

anyone reclal where the link is? can't seemt o find it.

Dec 31, 2002
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Strange that I can't find the thread as well. Anyway, I've copied down the workflow:

To rotate skewed images accurately:
- use the Measure tool to accurately determine the angle for correction (under the Eyedropper Tool submenu at the left side)
- Using the Measure tool, we then measure a known good horizontal or vertical line in the image
- use the Arbitrary Rotate menu command (Image - Rotate Canvas - Arbitrary) to do the actual rotation
- The angle has already been entered from using the measure tool, so just hit enter
- Crop the white areas away

To confirm that the image is indeed correctly aligned, I would suggest turning on the grid ie View > Show Grid.

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