Tilt/Perspective/Distortion Correction?

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Mar 13, 2007
Atlanta, GA
Hi all,

do anyone have tips as to how to correct for distortion? normally i would drag several rulers horizontal and vertical all over the image and try to skew/adjust left right up down to align but i have difficulty with this image

did a bit of light catching today as the gloomy sky was pretty nice..
been trying to shoot this place but having problems with tilt/distortion.

Buildings on the left's built on a slope, buildings on the right's on higher ground.. there's this inherent slight tilt of the road sideways.. (if you drive up from NIE you will know there is a 35 degree road is perpendicular to this road in this picture)

have not completed working on the image, i.e. processing the sky, areas,

looking for solutions to fix this wierd looking image at this point of time, i.e. the buildings on the left's Straight which is fine, but the middle and the right of the image's slightly out of shape.. i dont know how to describe it although it looks a little warped.

which areas should i work on in PS? and how should i go about doing it? comments and inputs appreciated!



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Jun 15, 2002
Ah I love to do this :lovegrin:

I do a lot of interior and architecture commercial photography, so I can help you with this... The steps are as follow:

1. drag vertical rulers to the centre of the pic.
2. rotate the canvas arbitrary by 0.2 CW (this is to make the dead centre of the image straight)
3. enable the grid (view > show > grid)
4. use skew to correct the perspective, using grid as a tool to make sure every part of the pictures are correctly straight. (you have a great advantage here because there are a lot of vertical and horizontal lines.
5. for stubborn corners where skew doesn't work, it's the result of distortion of wide-angle lenses. Just use wrap to correct it.
6. You will see that the image lost resolution because this is a very small file, so those perspective control will 'eat' into the picture, thus cropping a portion of it. However, when you use a high-res file, you won't have such problem, and skewing is much easier with large files because you can zoom in more and adjust, thus getting more accurate results.

Enjoy! You can view more of my architecture works in the link at my signature :)


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Jul 11, 2006
behyx, thanks for your very useful pointers. Appreciate you kind effort in sharing it. Tried it and it works.

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