Three new Samsung NV series additions

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Sep 27, 2006
CES 2008: Alongside the NV24HD, Samsung also launched three new NV cameras without the high definition recording capability but featuring the latest processing technology for improved image quality and faster operation. First up is the NV40 - 10 megapixels and a 3x zoom are backed up with dual image stabilization. The display is a generous 2.5" and adapts to changing light conditions whilst the controls take the grid form known as 'Smart Touch'. The NV30 drops the pixel count to 8 million and omits the optical stabilization in favor of an all-electronic system. The 'baby' NV4 has a non-protruding 3x zoom lens and 8 megapixels and also uses a more conventional button arrangement. All three will be available from February 2008 priced at £149, £179 and £199 for the NV4, NV30 and NV40 respectively.


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