Thoughts on Travel to Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam etc....


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Nov 20, 2008
Singapore lah....
Peoples thoughts on Travel to Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam etc.... ??

I'm still going... Will be there Xmas to New Years periods.

Anyone been there recently - how was it? Beside too many police and idiot terrorists. :/

Not letting this spoil plans. :D


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Nov 23, 2004
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Better delay your trip, situation over there not that good. If travelling alone, never helps another person take photos cause you been targeted and you isn't aware!

I don't think you have much to worry in the way of more violence to come as historically nothing follows up immediately with another attack. It is the lock down that will be more something that will spoil your fun more then anything else. More security in crucial places including touristy areas..etc. More checks which will take more of your precious time away..etc.

But I would say be more careful with your wallet and which train station you get off if you are not aware. Asked around especially with the police walking about or on the train. Yes I got pick pocket by two Algerian or gypsy guys dress like executives 6 foots in a crowded train in less then 6 seconds. All because that one time out of habit instead of putting the wallet in my chest pocket under my thick jacket after buying food, I place it back in my back pocket. They distracted me just as I got into the train, threw a watch on the floor, one guy grab my pants near my shoe and lifted it up like he was trying to prevent me from stepping on the watch while his partner was behind me picked my wallet.. took out the money and drop the wallet to the floor, which my boss who was with me saw and shouted but like a practice move, the other guy let go of my pants and both step back out of the train door and the door close. All that in about 6 second during morning crowded time. Amazing how they did it. I lost 1000 euro dollar + Very expensive lesson and 3 hours in a Parisian police station giving statement which in the end, the stupid insurance only paid me back SDG250.

Seeing fully armed to the teeth policemen on train is not like what you see on our MRT with puny looking boys police. Their Police get into full gear with full assault weapon not just because of possible terrorist but there are some neighborhood they patrol that require they be in full armor like that. If you are staying around Paris main town areas you are fine but some slightly further outskirts you need to be careful. I have wandered into areas where I pop out to middle eastern neighborhood. You get tense being there in those neighborhood.even as a Asian tourist. I had two times where middles east got angry with me or my two bosses I was with. One by a waiter in a middle east restaurant who lost his temper and walk off cursing us in Arabic because we ask him in English about some of the food in the menu. We got hungry while in their neighborhood so deiced to eat there. Being polite does not help. Another was on the road who saw me with my camera shooting a public scene and demand to know what I am shooting and ask for my camera. He spoke french mainly with little English. I told him just public scene and walk quickly back into the train station.

So watch your wallet and your camera gear but actually I doubt your camera is something you need to worry too much. I had my D300 on my first trip and my D4 on my second trip with my trinity. There are many with cameras of various sizes. So long you stay in lit places and safe place where mutli-races are around you, you are fine most often.

When on the train or places you see police or people you talk to, ask them where to go or not go. I have chat up some police on trains with their full gear and even 2 times they ask me where I am from and where i was going. They told me which stop I should try not to get off to as they are dangerous districts. I was there in 2009, 2011 and 2013 spending like 1-2 weeks there due to work thus I walk about sourcing for products or out shooting during my spare time.

99% of the time you are fine, just be careful and always aware of your surrounding. Don't enjoy so much till you forget where you are. Sometime locals might treat you a little rude or slow to serve you because they might think you are PRC, they do get a bit of a reputation there among other places i have been to.

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Nov 22, 2003
Singapore is safe. When at other countries,

1. Never leave handphone on the table
2. Don't flash your handphone (especially iPhone. A friend's niece got her handphone picked as she kept looking at her phone)
3. Bags on laps
4. Nothing at back pockets. All handphones and wallets at front pockets
5. Cross sling bags.
6. Be aware of people around you.

These are pickpockets, not armed thieves. They rather target someone else if they noticed you are on alert.

Other than that, I am not sure what is the sentiment now at Paris after the terrorist attacks.


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Oct 9, 2006
Mainly, watch out for pickpockets.. Singaporeans are not as vigilant, being used to a safe Singapore.
But there aren't too many incidents of major crimes.
As for terrorism, well the whole world is in flux, and there are very few places with the kind of safe streets that you find in Singapore or Japan..

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