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PetaPixel This is Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Camera Under a Car

Apr 9, 2018
The World
Here’s a pro tip: if you’re looking for somewhere to place your camera for a while when outdoors, don’t leave it under the tires of a vehicle. This 12-second video shows the pain that can result if you do.

This tough lesson was just learned by San Francisco Bay Area photographer Rafael Castillo who took to the /r/photography to share his misery and word of warning.

This past weekend, he and a friend were out painting murals in Berkeley in the hot sun. He didn’t want his Nikon D600 (~$800 used) and 28mm f/1.8 ($700 new) lens to bake in the hot sun for hours, so he decided to put the camera in the shade… of the friend’s work truck’s tires.

“My assumption was the car wasn’t going to move and it was the only place to put my camera other than on the ground in the baking sun,” Castillo writes.

But when the friend decided to move the truck to prevent paint from getting on it, Castillo completely forgot the camera was underneath. The truck backed up, and the camera was done for.

“The moment I heard this loud ‘CRRRRUNNNNCH’, I immediately knew what it was and I had a heart attack for about 3 seconds, which went away when I realized it wasn’t the camera I just bought two weeks ago (D800),” Castillo says. “It just so happened that that morning I was debating bringing my old camera or my new camera. Thank ****ing all the gods it was my old camera, although [I’m] still extremely sad.”

Castillo found that most of his camera’s internal parts were protected by the D600’s metal frame, so the crushed camera may still be able to be sold for parts to have components come to life again in other cameras in need of replacement parts.

“I’m like 30% sure [a] UV filter would have helped and this could have all been prevented,” Castillo says.

Credits: Video and still frames by Rafael Castillo and used with permission

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