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Let's get ready to GUESS GUESS GUESS!

Correct Score Prediction = 3points!

Correct 1st Scorer for LFC = 1point!

Correct Last Scorer for LFC = 1point!

Hat-Trick Hero Perfect Guess Guess Guess! = 5points!

so in any game, the max point a participant can net is a total of 10points.

Sorting Out the Grey Areas.

1). in the event of 1-0 end result, the 1st scorer will be taken as the last scorer even though the participant might haf anticipated 2-0 or 22-0 and haf listed someone else as the last scorer.

2). the prediction is good till the Final Whistle, which includes Extra-time but not Penalty Shootout.

Current standings:

1) Cheesecake 28 points
2) roadrunner 22 points
3) jfoo 20 points
4) kelccm 15 points
5) dfstan 13 points
6) blazer_works 12 points
7) canew 11 points
8) airfins 11 points
9) zhapchit 10 points
10) grumpy 9 points
11) roDz 6 points
12) xen0275 4 points
13). estronutz 3 points
14). nemesis32 2 points
15). parchiao 2point
16). zan82 2point
17). dnd 1 point
18). mpenza 1 point

bolton vs. LIVERPOOL!

Reebok stadium
Sunday, 2 March
Kick-off: 1330 GMT


1). 2-0 LIVERPOOL WIN!(Torres, Gerrard) crazy cheesecake
2). 3-1 Liverpool win (Kuyt, Gerrard, Torres) dfstan
3). 1-0 Liverpool Win (Gerrard) blazer_workz
4). 2-1 Liverpool Win (Torres, Torres) zan82
5). 2-0 Liverpool wins! (1st.: F. Torres, Last: S. Gerrard) Canew
6). 3-2 Liverpool win! (Torres, Torres) kelccm
7). 4-2 Liverpool Win (Torres, Torres, Crouch, S. Gerrard) boresome
8). 2-1 Liverpool Win (Torres, Gerrard) Taurean
9). 4-0 Liverpool Win (Torres, Crouch) parchiao

Aston Villa manager Martin O'Neill is prepared to pay Liverpool £10m to make on-loan goalkeeper Scott Carson's move to the Midlands club a permanent one. (Daily Mail)


more $$ for us in the off-season!

not surprise.....interpol issue warrant
no news was released on the crucial factor of how long it took them to notice tat he was missing from his toilet break?

if 1 hr, can really go very very far.
most likely got ppl drive him off. its a well planned move! :bsmilie:

if only our dear RAF999 has a WELL-PLANNED TACTIC N FORMATION!!

jus dun tell me his is 4-5-1 n sit back n counter attack. :sticktong

'Mourinho rebuffed Lyon, and heads to Barca'​

Jose Mourinho turned down an offer to coach Lyon after leaving Chelsea, according to Bernard Lacombe, the advisor to the French club's president.

Speaking in France Football magazine, former Lyon player Lacombe said club president Jean-Michel Aulas approached Mourinho after the Portuguese coach left Stamford Bridge last September, and after Alain Perrin had already taken charge of the French champions.

'I know that the president approached him (Mourinho),' said Lacombe.

'But the talks didn't go very far. Mourinho was in need of some rest.'

Reports in the French magazine also suggest Mourinho rejected the move as a deal has already been done to take him to Barcelona next season.

In a three-page report under the headline `No to Lyon, Yes to Barca' the magazine claimed Mourinho has held meetings with officials at the Catalan club, during which he received `dossiers' containing lists of players the club hopes to sign.

tas it liao. no more moaningRhino for LFC.
perhaps martin o'neill? or as the newpaper suggested, promote from within... Gary Ablett. :dunno:


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no news was released on the crucial factor of how long it took them to notice tat he was missing from his toilet break?

if 1 hr, can really go very very far.
most likely got ppl drive him off. its a well planned move! :bsmilie:

if only our dear RAF999 has a WELL-PLANNED TACTIC N FORMATION!!

jus dun tell me his is 4-5-1 n sit back n counter attack. :sticktong
4-5-1 ?? o thot was 4-6-0

didn't he using 4-3-3 earlier in the season ?


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me reporting sir!

wah, so fast new thread liao


Rafael Benitez insists his skipper Steven Gerrard is "100% committed to Liverpool" just an hour before completing the £18.6million permanent signing of Javier Mascherano.

After another week of intrigue and turmoil at Anfield, with the battle for financial control of the club raging on, the Liverpool chief believes he has managed to settle the futures of his two key midfielders.

Gerrard's comments in midweek showing his anger and frustration at Liverpool's title fade-out were interpreted as an attack on Benitez while bringing the player's own long-term future into question.

And the war between co-owner Tom Hicks and Dubai International Capital for ownership of the club suggested that finances for new players was way down the list in terms of importance and availability of cash.

But Benitez will now go into Sunday's Barclays Premier League clash at Bolton insisting that the club and his players are in better shape than many believed.

And the irony is that Benitez now has the Mascherano deal tied up and a workable relationship with Hicks.

It was a row over the potential cash for signing Mascherano that caused the rift between owner and manager before Christmas.

But Mascherano has now signed a four-year deal, ending the complicated third-party ownership of the player, while Benitez has made it very clear that his relationship with Gerrard is fine.

Mascherano and Gerrard will now be side by side in Liverpool's midfield at the Reebok Stadium with Benitez believing it is a partnership that is good for the short and long-term future of the club.

On Gerrard, Benitez went to great lengths to explain away talk of a rift, saying: "My relationship with Steven is very good, I was talking with him today before training after reading his interview in our magazine. It was clear what he was saying and everybody feels the same way.

"We must progress in the Champions League, and Steven has told me how amazing it was to win it and how important that medal is to him.

"Now he wants to win the Champions League and to finish fourth in the league.

"Steven knows he has my total support and I know that his commitment to the club is 100%.

"He says he is concentrating on winning the Champions League, but first to beat Bolton."

He added: "We are professionals and everyone knows how important it is to finish in the top four. Many of the players have been at the club for many years so they know what the requirements are now.

"We have to be in Europe, we have to be in the Champions League. For me the best football memory of my life is winning in Istanbul, and the team feel the same. I am sure they will now want to be in Moscow for this season's final."

And on Mascherano, Benitez added: "The club is more stable than people believe. We have completed the deal and for a big fee.

"The money is there for that deal and we are going in the right direction by signing the players we need."

But it is obvious that Benitez wants to clear the air over Gerrard and align his own views on the season with his captain's.

He said: "Everybody shares the disappointment expressed by Steven Gerrard this week, we are upset by our position in the league.

"But we can get fourth spot and we can win the Champions League. I have talked to Steven this week after his comments were published and he has made it very clear that the Champions League win in Istanbul was the most important trophy of his life.

"He told me how excited he is by it and for him to play in that final and to be able to play in the competition is fantastic for him.

"In his interview he was trying to show how disappointed he was with our position in the league, nothing more. But he is really pleased to be playing in Europe.

"He was telling me it would be fantastic for us to win it again. And it was clear that his commitment to the club is still 100%. We need to share responsibility for what has happened in the league."

Benitez, who will have Jamie Carragher back from suspension at Bolton, added: "We can all take positives from what Steven has said, to appreciate his view. But the fans feel the same, so do I. What has happened is a pity but the only way to change things is to win our matches.

"Whatever is happening around the club, the only thing we can do as a squad is to concentrate on winning games.

"We cannot afford to drop points, every game is important and we must reduce the gap on teams above us. We keep talking about our game in hand, so now it is here we must win it. That will put us in a better position.

"The players have experience of winning several games in a row. We have the squad to do it so now we need to start doing it."

come to think of it, can't recall when's the last time we had back to back victories! hahaha :bsmilie:

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