Thinktank Shoulder Harness v2


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Feb 18, 2012
Thinktank Shoulder Harness v2 (Click on image for more info)

Traveling a long distance with a large Urban Disguise shoulder bag? Consider using the Shoulder Harness V2.0 to make your journey easier. Using the Shoulder Harness V2.0 to convert a shoulder bag into a backpack keeps hands free to deal with airline tickets, identification, etc. while traveling.

Top Features:
Allows an Urban Disguise shoulder bag to be carried as a backpack
Adjustable sternum strap for stability
Hook-and-loop flap conceals and reinforces rear buckle
Stretchable pockets and D-rings on shoulder pads for small accessories
Fully adjustable and easily compressed for travel (storage bag included)
Compatible with Think Tank Camera Support Straps

Gear Profile:
Compatible with Urban Disguise 35, 40, 50, 60, 70 Pro (V1.0 or V2.0), Artificial Intelligence 15 V2.0 and Artificial Intelligence 17 V2.0
Included with Airport Check In briefcase

Technical Specifications:
Weight: 0.5 Lbs (0.2 kg)
One size fits most

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