The vomiting Lion

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Jul 1, 2007

To get a sunrise in the morning i went to Esplanade at 640am.
To my surprise, the sky was lovely at that time. reddish and nice super warm...
Didnt see it coming so i had to run from Esplanade to the Lion where he was still vomiting.
quickly set up my stuff and got this shot.

i would like to see if i can improve on this shot.
would you kindly share if i can improve this in any way.
Great thanks. from me...

Taken with Rebel XT
50mm f1.8 lens
and a cheap tripod.

Dec 11, 2007
Dry Cabinet
At least the title interest me to see this thread. Anti-climax though.


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Mar 27, 2008
Northern California
The vomiting lion? You have to be joking.......
Yes, the TS is obviously joking. I had no problem figuring out from the title what the TS meant though. I do agree that it would be more appropriate for a proper title in the Critique Corner. The title in landscape gallery would be OK.

The photo gives the impression that it is a little tilted to the right. Hard to tell with such a small image. Which brings me to another point : image too small.

I also find the cropping a little tight, especially since the beautiful sunrise is such an important part of the shot. Landscape orientation may work better, with more space to the right.

I love the sky and the colors, and the Flyer silhouette in the background.

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