The Vingle - Short Video or Jingle Competition


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Nov 22, 2007

Lib@esplanade will be having an event on the 24th July, and as part of the event, there will be a Vingle Competition.
The Vingle competition comprise of 2 categories: Producing a 3-min video about Lib@esplanade ; Composing a jingle.


Video -
Produce a 3-min video about the library@esplanade. Go ahead and explore
different ways in producing your video, be it a digital montage or an
animation. In your video, promote the liveliness of the
library@esplanade and tell us why you love hanging out in the Library.

A storytelling workshop will be conducted to help you create your
video. It will be held on 3rd July, Saturday, from 11am to 2pm at
library@esplanade. There are only 25 slots, so register now!

The workshop will help you to:

1. Develop good short story ideas
2. Identify components of storytelling
3. Design written material for use in a visual medium

Jingle -
Make your own composition for library@esplanade. The jingle must
affiliate or tie in with the overall ambience, qualities, and character
of the library@esplanade. Your jingle must be within 10 to 20 seconds
long. Jingles must mention “library@esplanade”.

Winners stand a chance to win attractive prizes such as a Lenovo Laptop and MORE!

For more information and to register,

Please visit our FaceBook group:

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