The trip to Great World City


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Jul 21, 2012
Ang Mo Kio
So, this was the first time with a digital body (Sony A7) for awhile.

I usually shoot film, as I feel it suits me better. Truth be told, I do not even own a digital camera at present.

Details of my 3 hour walk around sunny Singapore:

A7 (thank you Andrea) paired with the first version Voightlander 50 1.5 (LTM) (Thank you Gordon!).
Light post processing was done with iphoto on my MacBook.

The ‘loud’ shutter that many were talking about on the interwebs actually sounded good to me, it felt reassuring somehow. It sounded almost like an old slr, with less vibration. It was certainly well made, and felt better in hand than the many plastic bodies that you see being slung around the necks of many. I liked it! Still not as well made and elegant as my trusty 50 year old M2 though!!

I must say I still enjoy the excitement of film more. I also still prefer the look that film exposures give. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!