The Speed Of Compact Flash Cards

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OK! I have finally bought my NCP with my 5050! I am extremely pleased with it. Bought from AP for $145 (Sam). Rest of shops in SLS were selling the NCP 256MB for $160 onwards. NCP is a local brand with one year receipt warranty.

The write speed performance of the various CF cards wrt 5050:
(HQ mode at 5MP)

IBM MD 340MB 8s (slow...)

Sandisk 32MB 9s (slow......)

Digicard 128MB 9s (slow......)

Sandisk Ultra 256MB 3s! (Hmm....not bad...)

NCP 20x 256MB 1.8s!!!!!! (WOW!!!!!) :gbounce:

Compare this with the xD card which the 5050 is presumably optimised for:

Olympus 128MB xD 2s :)

Ridata Smartmedia 128MB 2s :)

I thought CF are generally slower. In fact, some sites actually say that CF ARE slower the xD. Well, I guess NCP has beaten it!

So, I agree with ghostrider, the NCP card seems to be the best card for the 5050.

References :

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