the saccharine-sweet! {Christine, Clara, QianQi 8th June 9-12nn}

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Jul 17, 2006

There'd be 2 outfits!
The first set of outfits are of striking neon colours, flowy, asymmetrical dress cutting.
THe 2nd set of outfits would be of traffic light colours- green, red, amber (or close to it. heh.)
Altogether, it'd be a fun, jovial shoot. Eye makeup would be intentionally elaborate with fake eyelashes, and also cute finger nails!

Intending to source for cute props. Throw me some ideas!

Date: 8th June 2008 (Sun)
Time: 900-1230 (inclusive of half-hour break)
Reporting time: 0830 hours
Theme: Fashion
Models: Qianqi, Clara, Christine
Ratio: min 4 photographers to 1 model, max 6 photographers to 1 model
Cost: $55/person ($50 for 1st 5 early birds!)
Venue: TBC
Drinks and snacks would be provided for the break!

How to book a slot:
1. PM me or email us at (replace AT with @) to RESERVE a slot.
2. We will provide you with a POSB savings account number to transfer the fund, and our contact details. Please send us a confirmation sms (indicating the amount transferred, date and time) asap to CONFIRM your slot.
3. You will receive a confirmation REPLY at this stage for your CONFIRMED slot.
4. You will receive another NOTIFICATION sms of the shoot status (on/cancelled) and the venue (if it is on)
5. For more enquiries, please PM me or email us.

our bubbly qianqi!
Credits to Canonised, Chester for the photos

our sassy Clara!
Credits to Keat, Chester, Kongo for the photos

and er, plain ol' Christine? hurhur. :)
Credits to Kongo, Victor, Eesoon, Mike for the photos

P/S: 7th June (Sat) is reserved for photographers who prefer a smaller shoot ratio (say, max 3:1 model). The price would definitely be higher, however, the chances of getting quality, unique shots from the exclusive booking would be higher. If you're interested, please PM us! if you have your own group of shooting kakis, even better! pls indicate the term 'EXCLUSIVE BOOKING' in ur subject.

Please support!


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Jul 17, 2006
hey all! sorry to disappoint! the response has not been good, and i have another job assignment.
hence, this shoot is cancelled. :(


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Apr 6, 2005
Not free this weekend, otherwise may join..

Looking forward to your next shoot, keep up the good work pling!


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