The Pentax K-5 II: Could It Be The Best APS-C DSLR Camera…And You Don’T Know It?


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Aug 25, 2004
Some of you might have read this already:

The Pentax K-5 II: Could It Be The Best APS-C DSLR Camera ... And You Don't Know It?

Based on the buzz in the industry, it may be time seriously to consider a Pentax DSLR, especially the new K-5 II, before you automatically choose the Canon EOS Rebel T4i, Nikon D3200, Sony A57, or any other entry-level or mid-level DSLR.

SAFOX X Autofocus Sensor: What should grab your attention immediately about the Pentax 5-K II is that the AF sensor is capable of quality imagery in lower light than any of its competitors, as measured by EV range: -3 EV. In fact, the entire EV range is the widest: -3 EV to +18 EV. The benefit of this AF sensor is more accuracy with fast lenses. In addition, it uses data from the sensors surrounding the original focus point to help track a subject better.

Build Quality: One of the fundamentals important to Ricoh is evident in how well the K-5 II’s body is engineered. The “bones,” or chassis, is structurally strong stainless steel, while the exterior is durable, but lightweight magnesium alloy. Ricoh is also very big on protecting the interiors of its camera bodies, so the K-5 II includes 77 different seals to make it dustproof, weather-resistant and built to withstand temperatures as cold as 14ºF (-10ºC).

High-Resolution CMOS Sensor: The Pentax K-5 II’s APS-C CMOS sensor has 16.28 effective megapixels and, when paired with the Pentax Real Image Engine II processor, is capable of exceptional images with no digital noise at a generous ISO sensitivity range. The default range is ISO 100–12,800 and custom, 80–51,200.

Highly Visible LCD Screen: The 3”, 921,000-dot LCD monitor on the Pentax K-5 II has been significantly improved, especially as the new design eliminates an air gap between the panel and protective glass. The image on the screen is much more visible when shooting in the bright outdoors.

Wide-View Viewfinder: The glass pentaprism viewfinder provides a 100% field of view and 0.92x magnification, making compositions easier and more precisely framed.

Flexible Image Stabilization: The Pentax K-5 II features the company’s SR, or Shake Reduction, technology, to help reduce camera shake or movement. You can shoot at as many as three shutter stops slower handheld and still record clear, sharp images.

Greater Detail with the K-5 IIs: The “s” version of the Pentax K-5 II has been built without an anti-aliasing filter, which is typically added to DSLRs to make digital images less “digital” looking. Portrait and studio photographers find this variation especially useful because they typically have more control of the shooting environment and gear, lighting and exposure equations.

They obviously missed the following:
+ Best-in-class image quality
+ Low noise
+ Weather-sealed body
+ Excellent handling
+ Fast burst frame rate and 1/8000s max shutter
+ Intuitive interface with many dedicated buttons
+ Great value

Anyway, just for you guys who are still considering to buy a new dSLR camera or upgrade your current one, K5II/K5IIs are really the best APSC cameras in the market right now. If you wanna save a bit, the K30 is a great option too.

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Mar 9, 2006
After using Nikon and Canon DSLRs and handling a Pentax DSLR, I will definitely consider picking up a Pentax if I am to use DSLR again.


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Nov 25, 2010
The retail price for K5IIs body only is priced at S$2,199 pretty overly priced, hope street price will be more reasonable

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