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Jun 4, 2005
To all out there have u guys/gals have encounter the other side of human nature?

Well my friends have and even made it in the news! which is reported in one of the chinese newspaper (cant remember which one) about 2yrs ago .. hee old news ... to cut long story short i go straight to the points.

My friends are involved in this, according to the news reported:

1) a China lady wanted to partner my friends who are in bussiness for 2nd hand items. She was cheated to invested $10k.

2)In the report she cliamed was drag abt 2 junctions while having 1 of her arms inside the lorry n her body dangling outside as my friend are drove off.

(At first unaware dat the people in the news is my friend till one of them the driver show me n my friends the news article he was upset why the incident have been blown out of proportion!)

According to my friends truth is that:

1) the lady pester them to let her join venture in their 2nd hand item bussiness, she only invested $5k!

2) My friend, the other is v-comm, says he only started the engine of his lorry with her hand in trying to stop them from leaving, in which the lorry is slowly inching off with brakes on! After dat he just stop the lorry for her to leave, So how to drag her for a few junctions! And the place they were in is at little India on a sunday evening, Guys/Gals if u had driving through little India on a sunday evening u think it is possible to drag some one for 2 junctions!!! ;(

After the incident the china lady called up the press, after police report being made, to make a hoo ha out of the whole thing even self inflicting injury for reporters to take pict.:confused: The whole truth is when my friends left her, she was completely unscratched!

Talking about offending a lady :think: scarey sia! :bsmilie: but dun get me wrong i dun mean to say all ladies are like that some wun lah.... sometimes Guys oso like dat but not all la.... !

Anyone gt anything can share share? Show us the other side of a person!

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