LR Tips The One-Hour Ad Deadline


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Sep 27, 2006
The phone call and the email arrived together. “We’ve reserved a full page ad in the next edition of [big regional entertainment weekly]. Ticket sales are slow, and we need to promote the [redacted] out of this show! The email has the copy, and the approved publicity shots. They’re all we have. The deadline is 5 o’clock. Can do?” It was a little before 4, and my coffee was about to get cold. You’ve been there, too, right? What’s little adrenaline among friends? The artist was the awesomely talented Joe Bonamassa, and the shots his management had provided were, as is often the case when you work with clients in the entertainment business, less than perfect for the job. But “they’re all we have.” Even if they weren’t, there was no time to ask for alternatives. To make an big enough impact on ticket sales, the ad would have to make a high-energy impact on the reader. It had to be something nobody could miss. No pressure. Right. The Assets One was an album shot. Nice enough in its own way, but a horizontal layout, already cropped, and too static for a concert ad. No sizzle. If that weren’t enough, it [...]
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