The Long walk of life

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Aug 12, 2006
Hi makenshishinta,
First of all, i must say i am not so familiar with night shooting, so i will not comment on the lighting, sharpness etc.
To talk about composition, i feel the cropping or composition is a bit the "not here, not there". Personally, i feel either you bring the visual attention of the viewers to the bridge (which i assume it is the long walk you are mentioning here) and remove unneccessary background or you do a wide shot with the focus on the bridge itself. For example, take a shot fromthe traffic junction (ya, i remember there is a spot for you to stand in the center) at the top of the bridge, which include buildings on both side maybe something you can consider.

Lastly, i personally feel the bridge don't really bring out the "feel" of the walk of lifes. The "long walk" is there, but the "life" part is not really brought out from the shot.

Correct me if i am wrong. And keep shooting to share man~ :)


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Nov 28, 2005
Please note that you should give a write-up of your shot as per critique corner guidelines.

As Yapster said, your shot is "not here, not there". This is easily a "typical tourist in SG" shot, really. What's your subject? The Esplanande or the bridge or the streetlight or the water? Also, I do agree that I see no relevance in the picture to the title.

Imagine this... Long, winding traintracks... A lone figure, an old, hunchbacked man, slowly walking down the tracks... Now THAT would be "The long walk of life" to me. This shot? Nope.


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Dec 11, 2006
Watch your exposure, its overexposed... too much flaring! I can't get the feel of the theme from the picture. I sort of understand where you coming from...that the bridge is a long walk, but not THAT long. For singaporeans (maybe just me), this bridge is not long enough to portray that effect.

Mind me, but this is one of those shots that i deleted after i took them. I was there too months back trying to take pictures, no matter how i position myself, i can't get a satisfying shot, or maybe its just me!

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