The Japanese Arts Fiesta- Cosplay! Japanese Food! J-Pop and much more.

Apr 2, 2011
The Japanese Arts Fiesta aims to promote Japanese pop culture by showcasing it to Singaporeans and hopes to create a deeper understanding and appreciation of it.

Great photo opportunities during the entire day so come down with your photo kakis for losts of fun, food, songs and lots and lots of photos!

Here's What's Happening
  • Concert: performances by groups Xska, Resonance, Aka Hazado(Concert Starts at 12 noon)
    11.30am - 2.30pm (Concert Starts at 12 noon)[/INDENT]
  • JPop Singing competition
  • Toki-Doki Meido & Shitsuji Cafe
  • Cosplay Performance Competition- Solo & Group Categories
  • Cosplay Voting Competition: vote for your favourite cosplayer on Gizmobuy’s Facebook photos page and help them win prizes. Don’t forget to Like the Gizmobuy Facebook page first!
  • Toki Doki Cosplay Photography Competition
  • Prize award ceremony

So when? Saturday, 28th May 2011, 11:00AM - 7:30PM
So where? *SCAPE, Gallery, 2 Orchard Link. Level 4, No Limits Lab.

Admission is free, but concert, food & beverages must be paid for :) . Join us in this cosplay and fund-raising event. There will be donation tins going around at the event, so if you enjoy Japanese Arts Fiesta, please make a donation! Earnings from the yatai (booths) will also go to the Children's Cancer Foundation to aid those kids in having a better life.

More info at:
Japanese Arts Fiesta on Facebook
Japanese Arts Fiesta Blog
Cosplayers Voting Competition on Facebook
JAF Email

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