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Sep 29, 2008

Camera: Canon 400D
Shutter: 1/160
Aperture: 4.5
Focal Length: 55 mm
Exposure Mode: Program

This was shot during Canon Photomarathon 2008. As mainly hobby journalist videographer, i went to Speaker's Corner instinctively after hearing "Freedom" as the final theme. It was taken quickly after brief thought (and after squeezing through the crowd).

It features who i believe to be CNA's Cheryl Fox interviewing Tan Kin Lian regarding the lost investments issue. I zoomed in to acquire foreground DOF of the camcorder in order to suggest subtle hints; the power of film-based media (and well thats what i usually do lol).

Personally i felt that the trees (the green) might distract viewers. Though i feel my image is otherwise pretty journalistic and straight to the point: Camera, Interview, Audience.

Personally i'm all for video so i've never owned or actively touched a still shot camera and this was rented for a day just to join in the fun with a bunch of friends (and to experience the issues my team photographers encounter).

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Jul 11, 2008
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Nice. This is a well composed and exposed photo. :thumbsup: Its good to include
the videocamera in as well and 'bokeh-ed', as it truly tells me 'an interview
in progress'. I can't think of any better picture, as you don't expect to
put on strobist on the reporter and the guy. :bsmilie::bsmilie:

The only bad thing it its abit tight on the guy, might concentrate things
on the right too when you're too engrossed on the videocamera. :cool::cool:


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Feb 11, 2007
The idea is good but I feel this video cam is not distinctive enough. I mean, for example the muzzle of a rifle, regardless of focus it would be recognisable. When I saw the black mass in the picture, I didn't realise it was a video cam until I read the writeup.

Agree with the guy above that Mr Tan is a bit too tight and headroom is too much...

Back when I did pics of interviewees, we never had the hot girls in the shot haha. Only the interviewee and maybe a mic.

you don't necessarily have to have the video and soundman, agree with tjhan the video is more of a blur than something understandable in the foreground. i believe your judgement as a journalist videographer as i dont have much knowledge in that, probably you might include the video man because you can still pan the video and focus on the 2 subjects later since its a video.

As a single frame photograph we can't show different scenes at one time hence i would have chose the main focus which is the interview, and of the impt subject matter. you can go upclose and shoot from an angle up to avoid all the trees and all other things.

alternatively, since this is an interview at the speaker's corner, it is important to portray the attractiveness of this interview or the eagerness of the crowd listening intently. For this, you might try a higher and wide angle just above them to include the crowd forming behind them.

just my 2 cents :)

May 26, 2004
When I first look at the pix there is a BIG black thing there..
Don't really like it and very distracting too....

As your title is given as INTERVIEW.
I felt will be better to just focus at the 2 person.
Since C.Fox's is holding a mic and having an interview a person.
So that will be good enough...

If you want to include the sound-man and cameraman than you may want to change your title to LIVE TV INTERVIEW something like that... this is just my suggestion....

Don't mind I crop your pix as to be like that...
But still I felt is still abit tight.....
let me know you want me to remove it...:sweat:


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