The Image Tank / Bank - A Quick Run Down - Mike Russell

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Jan 17, 2002
This is NOT meant to be a review! Its nothing more then a quick overview of the Image Tank/Bank (From here on 'IB') that I bought a few months ago from Firefish Design in Singapore.

The IB is really just two simple devices incorporated into one. An external USB Hard drive and a Flash Memory reader. The premise is quite simple; Once you fill up your Flash card with pictures just plug it into the IB and copy the contents to the hard drive. Once the copy is done return the flash card to your camera, format it and start taking more pictures.

Probably the greatest single feature of the IB is the fact that it by default comes with no hard drive. You have to purchase a laptop hard drive and install it (covered below). This gives you the freedom to purchase any size drive that fits both your budget and your storage requirements.

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