LR Tips The (Font) Doctor is In!


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Sep 27, 2006
Even though I am using Typekit fonts more and more—it’s part of my Creative Cloud subscription, after all—I still wouldn’t be able to function without my trusty font manager. Pre-OS X I was the undisputed Queen of Font Suitcases and could fix any problem I encountered. Those days are long-gone and I now depend on products to help me with the voodoo that is often needed when working with corrupt and troublesome fonts. FontDoctor—which comes bundled with Suitcase Fusion—is available as a standalone product whose main goal is to diagnose and treat those pesky or ailing fonts. From incomplete Postscript fonts (yes, I still use those) to annoying duplicates, FontDoctor constantly monitors and treats the afflicted fonts so you can just keep working. The newest version (v. 10; $70 from Extensis) uses its AutoScan feature to keep a watchful eye, isolating “sick” fonts in its Quarantine if needed. In addition to finding and fixing issues, FontDoctor gives you ongoing information on your fonts. This new version includes a font comparison tool to examine fonts in a side-by-side list and can create a library of fonts categorized by font family name and by type foundry.


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