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Mar 7, 2002
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The Daily Rant - Perspectives from a Singaporean

Reported in the News today

JI terrorist and other Singapore stories today

Singaporean terrorist fugitive was trailed and watched for 16 hours before Indonesian authorities closed in on him
~ It took the Indonesian police 16 hours to track him down over a 12 km stretch. Only goes to show why Megawati can be President of Indonesia.

He may be deported if probe draws a blank. ~ It was reported that the Indonesian police will deport the terror suspect if investigations draw a blank. The Indonesian police figured that their better paid Singaporean counterpart should do some of the work instead of holidaying in another part of Bintan.

FROM this week, grassroots leaders will go from door to door to distribute special forms to the 9,791 poor Singaporeans who missed out on their Economic Restructuring Shares (ERS). ~ instead of giving money directly to the poorer members of the city state, the government decided to pass some of the leg work to grass roots leaders to do the work. In that way, a simple job can be done many times. It also kept the ‘good’ news of the government giving money to the poor in the news for a longer period of time.

A YOUNG Indonesian maid was found crying at the void deck of a block of flats in Choa Chu Kang Avenue 3, shortly after she had been molested by her boss for the third time in two months. ~ It was apparently reported that she asked the magistrate for a ‘stiffer’ punishment for the offender as he had taken too long a time to react after the second encounter.

Across the border

FEEDBACK received by teachers unions shows that the use of the English language to teach science and mathematics this year has been well received by students, according to teachers. ~ Now KL students have a valid reason for not passing their mathematics and science examinations.

KUALA Lumpur folk should take care of their surroundings, especially recreational and public places, said Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad yesterday in conjunction with Federal Territory Day. ~ apparently, this report follows earlier reports from the underground sources that a number of drug addicts were seen throwing empty glue cans outside the sprawling grounds of the Prime Minister’s residence.

The World Today

A new global survey has found that nearly nine out of every 10 of the largest frauds suffered by companies in the past year were committed by managers with less than one year on the job. ~ all the older workers covered their tracks well and were nor caught. Either that or they were the ones answering the survey questionnaires.

HONGKONG - Faced with 600 extra primary school teachers due to shrinking classes, Hongkong's Education and Manpower Bureau is considering implementing a scheme in which two teachers share a post. ~ As a result of this announcement, the former British colony is now the only place on earth where classes are conducted in stereo, where one teacher speaks to your left ear whilst the other teacher speaks to your right.

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