The COLORFUL World of Olympus and CARE PHOTOWALK & Contest

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Jan 11, 2007
With kind permission to SPAM ...

If you have any queries, please ask!
We won't bite! Hehehehe! :cool:


There are 30 slots available in this Photowalk

Saturday 2 April
3.00pm to sundown (6.45 or sundown)


1) The COLORFUL World of Olympus,
and 2) CARE

Can enter one, or both. The more walks you join, the better your chances of finding THAT WINNING SHOT!!!

OPEN to users of
and TYPES of Cameras!​

1. Participants please drop generously into the Mercy Relief collection tin... Olympus has kindly agreed to match all donations dollar-for-dollar (eg if we collect $1500 , Olympus will donate $1500). THIS event is for THIS SATURDAY 2 April. There will be a 2nd, 3rd and 4th walkabout in the coming weekend with ANOTHER GROUP of photogs (this will be announced in a SEPARATE thread next week)

2. Participants from BOTH Photowalks will get to take part in a photo contest (you keep all rights to the images and respect will be accorded to you .... meaning, permission will be asked if any of your images are requested for commercial or non-commercial purposes) . You can submit up to 3 of your best. The usual slight post-processing adjustments are allowed .... just dont go overboard please , this is supposed to be a fun event for charity :)






3. ONE prize of an Olympus E-PL2 with kit lens will be on offer to the winner at end of this photo contest
(decided via voting from the Moderators and Olympus team in a special gallery
soon to be created in the ClubSNAP Gallery)


4. Olympus will be providing several units of
Olympus XZ-1 and E-PL2 kits for those who
want to test out the cameras.

Meet at the area opposite KPO / Killiney Road ( 2.30pm for a briefing and introductory ice-breaking amongst yourselves ..... aiya ...come earlier even in the morning if you want to help out before the Photowalk ... (go to the FB page for an idea of what we're going to be doing this weekend)

We'll move out at 3pm in 3 or 4 groups


From Orchard Central, we will shoot and walk along the way down > Orchard Rd > past the Istana > past Singapore Art Museum on Bras Basah Rd > turn right at CHIJMES > head towards Singapore River > end at Raffles Place or MBS depending on time and how everyone feels

Map and route will be handed out to all

ESPECIALLY NEWBIES are welcome to join ..... we will have several 'old birds' leading the various groups

SO SORRY , .... VOLUNTEERS WHO HAVE SIGNED UP TO HELP OUT THIS SATURDAY please DO NOT put your names on this list below (will take care of u guys seperately :) )

this is FOR CHARITY..... IF you put your name down, PLEASE SHOW UP..... if you fly aeroplane, you deprive another person from participating.... if there is a chance that you might get busy or have an emergency this Saturday, dont put your name down .... THANKS.

Participate, Learn, Contribute and A Chance to Win - The Colourful World of Olympus and CARE PhotoWalk & Contest

Please go HERE and sign-Up on the latest list if you would like to join!!!!

Hope To See You There!

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