The Carl Zeiss Photo Contest 2012: The moment that knows no limits


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Mar 26, 2012
Entries until January 15, 2013 on Flickr

The theme

“The moment that knows no limits” is the motto of the Carl Zeiss Photo Contest 2012. There are moments in life when suddenly everything is possible. In such a moment, nothing can hold you back – no routine, no comfort, no walls and no boundaries in this world. “We want to see moments that are so full of energy that they create room for something completely new,” explains Martin Dominicus, Head of Marketing at Carl Zeiss.

Such moments can happen anywhere in the world and in all areas of life, for example:

You or another person transcends a boundary that seemed insurmountable
The moment in which a door opens to a new world
The moment in which someone finally achieves a long-cherished wish
The moment in which someone rises above himself/herself or something can achieve much more than you believed
A moment of intense joy in which everything turns out OK.

“We intentionally chose to keep the theme relatively open so that photographers can interpret it in very different and creative ways. We are very curious what we will receive,” says Dominicus.

As in 2011, the contest can be followed on Flickr, the online photo community. Participants should upload their best image to the theme “The moment that knows no limits” on OFFICIAL Carl Zeiss Lenses Group on Flickr and tag it with the keyword ZEISSContest2012.

Just sharing, I am sure enough you have something with zeiss in it..

You can use ANY medium with carl zeiss lenses for the contest. Eg. Nokia Phone. SLR + Carl Zeiss lenses. It needs to be Carl Zeiss lenses.

When you upload your entry on flickr, please pay attention to the tags.

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