The bridge to...somewhere

Aug 18, 2010
A beginner attempts to try his hand out at night photography with varying results, and this is the best pic he can come up with for now:

In what area is critique to be sought?

Technique. This will include basic 'must-knows' like exposure and framing, and whether any proficiency of such techniques show in the photo posted.

What I want to convey with the shot:

I always felt that bridges, when shot and cut off at a certain vantage point or POV, has the ability to invoke a certain 'road to nowhere' feeling which I hope was being conveyed in this particular image.

Under what circumstances was the photo taken:

Night time at the Marina Bay Sands, shot with my NX10 set to very slow shutter speeds (ISO100) on a tripod while feeling lost about future career prospects.

What do I think of the image:

Quirky white balance kind of spoilt the overall image. Thought that exposure was decent enough, but that's probably the only thing which worked out for the image (i think?).

Composition wise, i think the railings in the foreground could be removed from the frame. The building on the left edge of the frame too, could either be removed or pan left a bit to include more the it. Like you mentioned, the WB is off, could have been improved. :)


Aug 25, 2006
exposure looks fine to me.

what about you, what do you think of the composition of the photograph, as well as the treatment?

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