The Boy From Thailand

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i just find that the cropping may be a little too tight on his fingers. the reflection on the crown of his head (flash?) seems a little harsh too, showing up as an obvious white patch on my monitor. but a nice composition and expression on his face :)

Dec 9, 2005
I agree with Trigger Happy that your crop is a little to tight. I would have liked to have seen maybe more of the environment the kid was in to tell more of a story about the kid. But on hind sight, possibly a vertical crop wold have worked better, from waist up, would have worked also. And another thing maybe not shooting down on the kid but maybe at eye level.

But all in all a good shot! Good job, Dude!!!!

This shot was taken at basically eye level

Also on my monitor i see no white patch which has been mentioned, no flash was used.

I do think that the crop is slightly to tight and if i had the oppertunity to retake then it would be muc wider.

Thanks for all the coment so far

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