The biggest problem with fish....

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Red Dawn

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Jan 17, 2002

interesting and funny read i found on the net. i know it sounds very much like it belongs in banal talk, but it IS photography related. :)

Mammal Boy walks into the main aquarium at Sea World, stands in the middle of the crowd and yells very loudly "THE PROBLEM WITH FISH IS THAT THEY DON'T HAVE FEET"

Fish Guys says " Well, they live in the water, they don't really NEED feet"

MB responds "FEET have been around for EONS, didn you guys get the evolution memo? ALL proper animals have FEET now!"

"We chose to ignore that memo, we like water and fins suite us just fine. We like to swim."

"MY dog can swim and HE has feet! Get with the picture!"

"Great, glad you like your dog. We like fish!"

"If your fish had feet, it could run, it could jump, you could play frisbee with it."

"We play other games, and some of our fish jump, just differently. We like fish the way they are"

"You fish people think you are SO superior!"

"Actually, we were just debating which fish, was in fact, the 'fishiest' based on DNA samples, when you came in talking about all of the 'feet' nonesense"

"My dog crap is better than your fish crap because it came from an animal that had FEET!"

" Don't kid yourself, crap is crap, otherwise it would be in a museum somewhere where they don't care what animal it came from"

"FEET RULE!", mammal boy yells as he runs from the aquarium.

"What was that all about?" Fish Guy says to his friend.

"Ida know. Now... about those DNA samples...."


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Apr 26, 2005
Makes me laughs....

Was doing a search on "Frisbee" and this pop up!

So it's photography related?

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