The Art of Gear Stomping Part Deux. The Final Bang!

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Aug 21, 2006
Hello everyone, there's an event at HOME Club this Saturday featuring bands and a mini flea market. It's part of TAGS aka The Art of Gear Stomping, a convention of pedal lovers. This is the final event so we having a mini celebration. Details below. If you guys would wanna come down and take some pics, let me know and I can try to get free entries for you all. Just email me lah. Thanks!

Here we go everyone! The end of TAGS. We celebrate the end of TAGS 2006 with a beautiful gang bang of bands and a mini flea market. Come down and get drunk with bands such as Ugly In The Morning, make love to The Love Experiment, feel the Documentary in Amber and many more. Dealers will also set up their stall in case you need that last minute Mooger Fooger or Microsynth. There will also be people selling stuff like jewellry, tee shirts, and all the other stuff you can find at a flea market. If you wanna get rid of your 2nd hand stuff, you’re welcome too. Lucky Draw will be conducted at 930pm. So come early. Every entry will also entitle you to a coupon.

Contact or 91814132 for a stall. More info at

A Big Beautiful Disastrous Fuzzy Band Bang
Mini-flea market, gig and lucky draw.
26th August 2006, Saturday. 4pm – 1030pm.
20, Upper Circular Road
B1-01/06, The Riverwalk
Singapore 058416
Entry $12 plus one drink + one lucky draw coupon.
Free entry to Drum and Bass event after 1030pm.

Featuring performances by...
Ugly In The Morning,
Documentary In Amber,
The Love Experiment,
Super Illegals,
Al Grande Terrorismo,
and our great friends from Sweetmusic will entertain throughout the event.

Lucky draw held around 930pm Just before the last band.
Prices include vouchers, discount coupons, effects and other accessories.

Proudly sponsored by Mr. MISSE, Platform (The Label), City Music, Guitar 77, Maestro and Ty Music Centre.

More info available at or Contact 91813142

Should you have any enquiries, do not hesitate to contact:

Platform (The Label)

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