Thank You Nikon Singapore, Far East Organizations and Noritsu Singapore


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Thank You Nikon, Far East Organization and Noritsu for your support..

On our part, we encourage our friends here to remember these brands to buy their products …… so that they can continue helping us to help the less fortunate

In May 2008, when Cyclone Nagis hit Myanmar, members of Singapore photography forum ClubSNAP rallied together to do a series of fund raising PhotoAid for the victims, at the Merlion Park.
When approached, NIKON Singapore without any reservation agreed to fund the setup cost, loan of Cameras, Wifi connection and accessories. Similarly Epson Singapore, provided the photo printers. The event was a success and give CluSNAP the confidence and expertise to do more for the of such work in the future.

In Mar 2011, when the Tsunami caused massive destructions on parts of Japan, again CluSNAP respond with a donation drive over 3 weekends. Again Nikon Singapore unreservedly, provided the necessary loan of equipment and gave ClubSNAP some cameras and accessories to sell and raise some $ for donations. Far East Orchard and Orchard Shopping MSCT also generously allowed us to use their common areas. Noritsu Singapore also generously loan their commercial grade printers and provided the prints paper.

Typhoon Haiyan Relief - Fast Forward to this coming weekend, ClubSNAP, with various groups of local filipinos photographers, will be doing a Fund Raising for the people of Philippines devastated by Typhoon Haiyan.

Without failed, Nikon, Noritsu and Far East Organisation came forward with any hesitation to provide necessary the help and support , we very much needed to do the fund raising ….

Thank You Nikon, Noritsu and Far East Organisation for being with us through the years.

This video says it all

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Dec 23, 2007
It's heart warming to see familiar supporter for charity back again. Thank you Nikon, Far East Organization and Noritsu for constantly supporting this event.

I'm sure this this event will be a "blast" again like what we did last time. :D

Mar 31, 2013

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