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Terrible Photoshoot experience

Jun 17, 2018
This post here is to raise awareness for female models out there to be aware of this Photographer.

Mr Bernie Lee, if you see this, Thank yourself from being ignorant & disrespectful to models.

I dropped Mr Lee a message on Facebook 2 weeks ago to ask if he is keen to go for photoshoot & i told him my hourly rate is $75/hour .
However he mentioned that his budget is maximum $100 for a 2 hours shoot session .

So i decided to do a $50/hour shoot with him for 2 hours at Dempsey Hill .

I have to say , i did not ask him to fetch me to the venue & i said i can take the train/ grab over for the shoot.
He offered the ride by travelling all the way from Pasir Ris to fetch me. (Since He insist the offer, i might as well accept right)

We reached Dempsey hill at about 315-320pm because he only reach my place at 3pm sharp whereby we suppose to already start the shoot. I left my House at 215pm to wait for him at the Macdonald below by House . (Waited 30minutes) Or else, i would have reach Dempsey on time & start on time .

From 320pm onwards, the shoot goes on till 430pm whereby i told him that if we can try another venue because there's way too many mosquitoes & i couldn't stop scratching the bites.
I suggested Gardens by the bay because the theme that day was floral & greens & i told him the lake is a good idea .
We did not leave Dempsey Hill because He Wanted to drop by a museum there for shoot. I did not Disagree because its still within the 2 hours shoot & that usually It's the photograoher's choice. Shoot suppose to end at 5pm but i thought of the travelling time & decided 515pm is the end of 2 hours shoot.

At 515pm, done with the shoot at the museum, He did not bring up asking if i want to extend the hours of the shoot or stop. So i thought He wants to continue the shoot for another half an hour more at the Gardens.

I personally had alot of Photoshoot experience whereby if shoot delay 15minutes, i wouldn't charge but 30 mins or more, it needs to be paid accordingly.

However i did not expect that He doesn't know about it.

The shoot journey was tedious mainly because It's a side career to me & that i always bring 2-3 outfits , shoes & accesories to change around so that it won't be boring.

We reaches gardens about 530pm. It wasn't very far from Dempsey Hill & that He offered to sit down at a cafe for a quick break before continue. (Again, He offered it)

We start the shoot immediately after i rush my drink quickly & he was choosing many different corners to stop by for shooting. My main shooting venue there was the Lake & He knew. While Walking to the lake, He stop me at every corner to shoot for about 10-15minutes.

When we reaches the lake, the shoot continues till 720pm !

Supposingly it should be counted as a 4 hours shoot & i should be paid $200.

He paid me $100 in the end & i went to text him to explain that we both can compromise as i myself did not tell him that extension is considered paid.
& Add on, i also told him that since we spent 15-20minutes travelling to the gardens , afterall, I'm fine with 3 hours payout.

He told me that $100 was his maximum budget & that he treated the session as a friend shooting session. He assumed that It's just a Casual time shooting but he should also be aware to remind & ask the model if she is fine to continue after 2 hours without charge.
He adding on telling me that we were 'KILLINGTIME' but i have to say, i was exhausted throughout & you can even see that. You shooting me may be easy or killing time but posings here & there under HOT sun & mosquitoes bites all day wasn't easy.
I did not even suggested for any 'BREAK' in between. You suggested to have a drink.

& No, just because you think that I'm friendly & outgoing, doesn't mean i'll go on a dinner with you. You did not treat me to any dinner & i even told you to stop at 720pm because I'm tired & i have to leave. (He actually wanted to still continue Walking from gardens till MBS for Mall shooting without being concern over my situation) so i have to tell him to end.

It's not entirely my fault for not telling you extension means hourly rates continue, but you should held responsibility in asking me if i want to go on for free as well.

Giving in again & again to only ask for a 3hours pay out for a 4 hours shoot is very fair & compromising enough.

After lots of messages , He finally paid me the additional $50 by BANK transfer.

I also requested him nicely that i need my photos as It's important. He actually blocked me everywhere.

After several days,

I have been trying to call him for my photos & i told him to reply me. Not even a single reply i get.

Mr Bernie Lee, you have no full authority OVER my images . I have the right as a model to ask for my images as well.

Since you want to Ignore after me trying to contact you for days, then i have to do it online then since you seem to be deaf or blind.
Talk to you & ask you nicely, you don't want to handle it. Then this is what you get.

Like i said, i really need my pictures for personal reasons. :)

**** deleted due to unsubstantiated claims. ****

however, since you're not professional in doing things, i won't use professional ways to handle it.

All the best to you.


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Oct 25, 2005
lil red dot
Points to note:

1. Communicate any changes or extra extended chargeable hours BEFORE the extension. Not after. As the service provider (model) TS should initiate this conversation and not expect the photographer to understand. It is never wise or right to text after the session has ended to ask for more money. If there is an agreed pricing for the session then stick to it, and cut off when the timing is up. There is no real right and wrong party here, more like miscommunication (or lack of communication) on both parties. But seriously, the onus is usually on the service provider to make sure it is communicated properly simply because it is your time and you are charging for it. From what I see, this main issue has already been resolved by both parties agreeing to a extra $50 payment.

2. As a paid model, there is NO OBLIGATION for photographers to provide you with any images. Those images are not yours, simply because you offered your time and physical appearance in exchange for money. If you are a paid model, then no one owes you anything else once you are paid. Only if there is a written contract or a verifiable verbal TFCD agreement where you are promised images, you might have a valid request for any images.

3. TS, if you want to post unsubstantiated conversations between you and other models, please be prepared to name them with their approval. May I remind you that you are legally responsible for whatever you post here. For now I will delete those parts of this post, since there is no real substantial evidence that shows these are indeed real from identifiable sources or more than hearsay.

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Oct 25, 2005
lil red dot
BTW, since this is not a photoshoot organizing thread but more of a feedback, this thread will be moved to appropriate section.


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Oct 24, 2002
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Aiyoo, you newbie Model ar? That's the reason my ex gf blacklist ahem... local models, prefers FT.
Not that I'm on low budget too, I usually jet off with models from country T to country J for shoots. They never ask for their pictures also lah and can accompany for entire day night without taxi meter fee. Oh, did I mention they're more gorgeous too? you see... you see... !

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