Tentative 2D/1N Avian photography outing

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Had this crazy idea of organising a 2D/1N outing (on Feb 21st to 22nd) to shoot birds after spotting a new location today. I've been going out on shoots with a few regulars on/off and thought what would happen if there is a slightly bigger group shooting together. We did talked about it about 3 months back but never realise it.

Bear in mind this is tentative and need ideas on how to plan for it and the logistics. This is not a confirmation thread but to seek ideas first.

This new place I've found have the following birds to offer to the avian photographer (or in my terms, a Bird Flu CS Member )

1) Grey Heron Nesting area, also flight shots
2) Terns (Lots of them, flight and feeding shots)
3) Purple Heron flight shots, need to spot the Purple Herony.
4) Kites & Raptors, flying and hovering only 20m above ground level !
5) Smaller land birds like Bee-Eaters, Shrikes (Brown & LongTail), Swallows, Munias, Baya Weavers, Tailor Bird, etc
6) Kingfishers (hopefully can catch the Black Cap !)
7) Ospreys - after getting the confirmation early by SK.

Others :
1) Sunrise and Sunset shots
2) Stars & Moon ?
3) BBQ and chit-chat session ?
4) Fishing session when the tide is high

What I had in mind at the moment :

a) Build up 2 tents for 6 to 8 person
b) Smaller tent to house equipment and food/water
c) Build a large roof made of ground sheet to provide shelter/shade during midday

Logistics - This is going to be tough as the area is like 1 hour trek by foot away from civilisation !

Looking to hear suggestions from folks on making this possible.



Dec 20, 2002
Planet Nikon
Harlequin, would love to join you on this... first let me see if I can get my hands on a 70-200 or longer big mamas.

Let's meet up and discuss, it's faster than posting/replying here ;)

What the???? Did I just say I'm interested in going??? Hey... nooo...help meeeee


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Jun 12, 2003
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I would like to join, but can make it on 22 Feb 04. :cry: :cry: :cry:

/* Geezz.... the bird flu is spreading like an epidemic. Did I say I am also interested?


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Jan 18, 2002
I got something on the 21st... till the evening.. but can join after that...
70-200 with 2x TC can do???

willyfoo said:
I got something on the 21st... till the evening.. but can join after that...
70-200 with 2x TC can do???
Ok folks...lots of enquiries been posted and asked.

Last minute i've to rush off to Paris for a training trip and have to fly off on the 22nd Feb...shucks !

But don't worry, this outing is still on the "Research In Motion" team's mind.

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