Taxonomy of new mirror-less cameras

So the new mirror-less type of camera is called a lot of things by various reviewers. Mirror-less, Mirror-less System Cameras, EVIL (Electronic viewfinder interchangeable lens), ILC (Interchangeable lens compact), micro four-thirds etc.

I do not think EVIL is suitable because not all models have an electronic viewfinder. Using the word "compact" also does not seem entirely right since a large zoom lens will render the camera anything but that. Micro four thirds is too specific to Panasonic and Olympus now that Samsung and Sony are producing APS-C based models.

So I thought I'd list out some of my personal preferences and ideas. Perhaps all you folks could comment, or even better, suggest new ideas.

1. Mirror-less - Because it's simple and technically correct.

2. SLM: Single Lens Mirror-less - Because it sounds more impressive and is similar in style with "SLR".

3. MIL or Digital-MIL: Mirror-less Interchangeable Lens - Not as impressive sounding as SLM in my opinion, but also technically correct.

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