Target Lenses: Sigma 12-24, 20/1.8 & Tamron 28-75 DI. Advice pls?

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Dec 30, 2002
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Hi guys,
I'm currently looking to upgrade from my d70 kit lens.

Of course i'd go straight for a nikon 28-70 but alas, i have no $$$.

I really like primes, as well as fast lenses.
I'm thinking of getting the

1. Sigma 20/1.8 (from reviews, i've read its as good as the nikon 20/2.8, although its not as sharp wide open, but i COULD use that extra stop.)
2. Sigma 12-24 (full frame compatible, supposedly better than the nikon?? saw some pics)
3. Tamron 28-75 DI (lots of glowing reviews, although production quality may vary... tried it out, very solid feel. nice colors! def better than my 18-70.)

So far, people have been saying "STICK TO NIKON, much better build quality, easier to sell"

But apart from better build quality (actually i think the sigma/tamrons are really not too bad) and harder to sell,

what other reasons should i NOT get the above lenses?
Price wise, they are superb. total for the above is less than 2k...


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Jan 19, 2002
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I've tried out the 12-24 and the 28-75.

The 12-24 on a DSLR performs decently though interestingly, slight drop in sharpness in the mid focal range e.g. at 17mm.

The 28-75, despite the glowing reviews........ I didn't think it was that good.


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Dec 18, 2003
I cant really think of a good reason that you should not buy the 3rd party lenses, it depends on what you are looking for and your budget.

However if you think or better still used the lenses before and see the results for yourself, then there isn't no much problem for you to go ahead ..

You would have to decide for yourself, ultimately it is you who will be spending the $$$, rite ?? ;)

Note : If I were you, take the Tarmon can liao .. :bsmilie: , then hor next target for a 80-200mmf/2.8 or the 70-200mm VR ... :p


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Mar 3, 2004
Buy what you can afford, what you are after, and what you need.

Maybe you can get 2nd hand ones to cut losses if you do sell. Personally, my sigma 12-24 is 2nd hand, sigma 18-50 is 2nd hand, tamron 28-75 is first, sigma 70-300 is first, sigma 70-200/2.8 is 2nd, and all of them combined cost less than a first hand Nikkor 70-200/2.8VR, or slightly more than it being 2nd hand. So which option would you choose, even if it's just for hobby? I am just happy that they are good enough to let me earn money. So they are not crappy in the real world.

One thing, buy already must use. The moment i got the 70-300, i went to SBWR to whack. Now i am after the 50-500. :bsmilie: It is not a very sharp lens if you view at 100% (look here at my amateur results :, but seriously i forget about it by just looking at the results (nature is wonderful? :D). Photography is as much about good pics as good equipment.The main thing is, have fun as it's a hobby. Go for the flexibility as well as fun during leisure use.

OT :- Actually i like the sigmas coz they give me free lens pouches that i can hang by my belt so that i can change lenses freely without carrying my bag during shoots which i have to run around, my vest not big enough. :p Even the cheap 70-300 has one.

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