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Tang Shooters LVII - TCSS Thread...

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Feb 7, 2007
Pasir Ris / Tampines

Credits to Kuantoh and Benosaurous for design of Tang Shooters logo

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1.) Flash Slideshow for Tang Shooters' Outings: http://redsun81.webng.com/publish_to_web/index.html - Credits to Redsun

2.) Tang Shooters on Photo Video i. Check it out!

3.) Due to overwhelming supply of OTs, as instructed by founder qING, we've decided to split the kopitiam thread for purely TCSS purpose, and another thread purely for outings only will be created under gatherings and outings. Over here:http://www.clubsnap.com/forums/showthread.php?t=456380

4) Tangshooters 2007-2008 Montage - Credits to carnage3630

5) Tang Shooters Rules & Guidelines

6) Tang Shooters on The New Paper. Check it out!

Credits to Redsun, phoakm, lkkkang, falconite, nakashimamika, coolsigg and others Tang Shooters name not mentioned but photos are featured.

Do join us for the next event. You are also welcome to put down the next event :).

Tang Shooters Team:
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1) Please help to maintain this thread as a happy, friendly, helpful and a fun-filled one.;)
2) Kindly refrain from WAR and any form of personal attacks.:devil:
3) Kindly refrain from OT (I know its difficult).:sweat:


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May 21, 2008
leeporking!! when is redcliff2! i wannn

Bring forward for Falco bro.

Forming : Parents Guild

Guild means an organization of persons with related interests, goals, etc., esp. one formed for mutual aid or protection.

Hi guys, I am thinking of structuring within TS a Parents Guild, no not to discipline the children, but to promote family oriented programs for the shooters.

Its noted that papa and mama shooters are repeatedly shooting alot on their children, restricted to shoot near home and not able to join long hours of shoot. Thus the formation of such guild will spearhead the sharing of tips in shooting infant/toddlers and family portraitures, and encourage family shoots... Guild members is in best position to arrange family day activities... as well as baby TFCDs. In accordance to Gov directives.. well just says that it hopefully can encourage younger shooters to start a family on their own... It can be rather tricky but members restriction is that one has to be married (okie for divorcee or widowed)..

It also structure TS status nicely of being mature and family friendly..

Please consider my proposal... which I will observe before I start (pending the feedbacks) in 7 days from now, onto a separate outing thread.

Agree : (please list your nick)
1. falconite - for reasons stated
2. lkkang -
3. coolsigg - :thumbsup:
4. camel
5. foxcorn
6. StrifeYun
7. Dreampact

Disagree : (please list your nick and reason)

Sadly I can't cast my vote as I not parent yet. :(


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Mar 17, 2004
yesh... lets race again... 100th posts over in a night :bsmilie:

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