Tamron vs Sigma

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Mar 29, 2004
For 3rd party lenses, most will go for these 2 brands either Tamron & Sigma though there are Tokina, Velbon.....etc. which are much less popular. I need to have some feedback from existing users of Tamron/Sigma, perferably someone whom has used both of these lenses before.

1) In term of image quality (sharpness, colour and contrast), which one do you prefer?
2) QC of Tamron vs Sigma. I heard most people would trust Tamron more when buying 3rd party.
3) After sale service of both of these brands. I presume Sigma is better in this respect becasue they have a presence locally.

That's it. Thanks in advance.


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Apr 1, 2006
here is my take on Tamron and Sigma..
1. i cant comment much on the IQ (esp. sharpness) since i used different focal lengths for both brands..
- Tamron 28-75mm & Sigma 70-300

what i can say is, if you like more neutral colours, get Tamron, if you perfer warmer colours (aka more orangey-like), get Sigma..

1 thing about 3rd party lens, the AF can get a little erratic at times, sometimes to the extend of missing your shot.. :cry:

2. QC wise, i didnt have any issues but i heard of people complaining about the corner softness of their lens on the Sigma 10-20mm.. Tamron wise, i havent really heard anything..

build/construction wise, Sigma has an EX coating (which gives their lens a matt crinkle finishing) for their higher end lens, but some users reported peeling on the lens coating.. Tamron has adopted hard-plastic for most of the body of the lens, not a bad thing actually, it reduces weight.. a matter of preference actually :)

3. Sigma has a service centre in singapore, meanwhile Tamron you have to send to its agent to be sent back to Japan for calibration/repairs..

the bottom line is, you cant complain too much for the price you are paying for :)

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