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Did anyone or know of anyone that bought a Tamrac expedition 8 bag from TK Photo yesterday? Can the kind soul please contact me at 94594391.

I bought that bag from TK Photo a few days before and found out a while later that there is a minor sewing flaw with the strap, not a big deal to me but when i told TK Photo about it he told me to bring it back and will change a new one for me(good after sales service). I brought it back to him yesterday and was told that the agent will change it for me on monday. But a walk in customer saw the bag and bought the bag as he dont mind the minor flaw. The thing is i left some of my flash accessories in one of the many pockets and forgot about it.

Its quite heart pain to buy the whole set again :( so if anyone or know of anyone that bought the bag please let me know. thanks.


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Mar 8, 2005

maybe u can check with the shop owner cuz if i'm not wrong they might have the new buyer contact details. U can ask them to give the buyer a call if it's abt privacy n stuff.

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