Talking Robot at Science Center?

Is the robot manned?

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Oct 4, 2004
Has anyone seen the talking robot in the science center? It's in that futuristic hall, next to the "low battery" LEGO robot. I saw it talking with quite a few kids with their parents watching by the side.
However, I feel that the robot's AI capability is beyond the current technology - basically it seems to recognize speech in a multi-source noisy environment and respond to the questions real-time. :think: If I remembered correctly, the best commercial voice-to-text software still needs to be trained to the specific user's accent, and most voice synthesis software still sound unnatural - but this robot carries a robotic voice with human intonation (and a little bit of local accent if I'm not wrong).
Another curious thing is it only operates for a very short period time every day. :sweat:

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