talents for food photography.

John Gomez

New Member
Jun 24, 2018
Hi All,

I m a food photography cum stylist.

I may have a oncoming project properly between 2nd week of July till last week July 2021.

I m looking for 2 or 3 talents, at least 1 female. a

Requirement : in motion shots of toss pasta, pouring sauce.
eating of pasta half facial.
age : depends, no older than 40.
guys need to be lean, no body builder size need but just not too fat, nice nail trimmed.
ladies need to be long or shoulder length hair, nice nail trimmed and polish.

shoulder be interested do WhatsApp me for more details, @ 91091710 John.

I will show you some sample, as well I need you send me some of ur photos.

I will pay $100 per day, it will be 8hrs. however if the shots finish I will release you.

pay out when projected shots finish.