Take pictures of a LCD phone. Need advise.

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Apr 15, 2006
Hi folks,
I need some help regarding to a Phone Catalogue project i'm working on.
i need to take sharp pictures of a phone lcd display. All the details on the screen needs to be clearly readable. I have to take about 20 or more images of the phone display.
It will just be a straight shot...no fancy angle shooting. I just need consistency throughout all the images...

I'm using a DSLR. So I need to know what lens I require and what setup is needed. DO I even need to work with a flash?


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Jan 11, 2007
LCD phones, HDTVs, displays etc are usually shot without anything on the screen - treat it like any other clean pax shot, and then have the panel's 'display' put in during post work. Nominally, this is provided by the manufacturer as they already have these things done before a product launch. That's the only way the product and the display's details are going to look crystal clear.

Hope you being paid properly as this would definitely come under a commercial shoot catagory considering the amount of expertise, time and work involved.

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